Microsoft IoT and AI Lab - Redmond, WA

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Microsoft taps View Into The Blue to participate in prestigious Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insider Lab in Redmond, WA on August 25th, 2017.  View Into The Blue® will collaborate with Microsoft engineers to further develop their products that allow for exceptional self-cleaning, subsea viewing and environmental monitoring throughout the ocean.  View Into The Blue® has begun introductory talks with the Insider Lab and can expect to do an initial “sprint” as early as September.

View Into The Blue®’s President and Director of Research and Technologies, Trevor Mendelow, said of the nomination and acceptance to the Insider Lab, “This opportunity will translate to the development a powerful monitoring and research tool for all subsea and other ecosystems. The world needs more shared digital databases to better answer complex questions about the natural world, and the development work we will be doing in the lab will expedite this enormously.”

Microsoft’s Insider Lab specializes in accelerating the development of IoT and AI solutions.  The Insider Lab offers View Into The Blue® the opportunity to customize and streamline hardware and software to create a shared database and platform that is revolutionary.   

The company’s acceptance to the lab comes on the back of the release of Netflix’s Chasing Coral, which featured View Into The Blue® underwater, livestream monitoring systems as the primary means of capturing and documenting massive coral bleaching events across the globe.  View Into The Blue® was encouraged to apply for the Insider Lab after a connection to Microsoft saw Chasing Coral and recognized the company’s potential. 

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