Arrow Electronics Interview - Boulder, CO

Tech Specs:

  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Power Relays
  • Linear Actuators

Arrow Electronics has recently released an interview featuring View Into The Blue’s President and CEO Trevor Mendelow. Mendelow explains the technical architecture of the monitoring systems featured in Netflix’s Chasing Coral. Arrow’s Zach Wendt proposed the interview to VITB as a means not only of showcasing VITB’s unique technology, but also to inspire viewers to create custom systems with off-the-shelf components. The video highlights VITB’s technology and speaks to the difficult process of creating systems capable of capturing sub-sea, time-lapse imagery of coral bleaching events.

As Mendelow mentions in the interview, VITB wants to go even farther with its technology and streamline the monitoring systems so they are even smaller and even more efficient. While the off-the-shelf, consumer products have worked well in the past, VITB sees a market niche for increased hardware and software capabilities. To help VITB create this dynamic “blackbox”, the company has turned to Microsoft’s IoT and AI Innovation Lab. VITB is working with Microsoft to develop better monitoring systems equipped with more sensors and with ML and AI. These improved systems will be smart, not just in appearance. Software engineers will help VITB make the systems intelligent in every way. VITB looks forward to another installment with Arrow to document these improvements.

Arrow Electronics provides “products, services, and solutions” to industrial and commercial technology and electronics users. Based in Denver, CO, Arrow interacts with customers through a collection of video content featuring interesting and novel applications of products offered by Arrow.

VITB is proud to work with the Chasing Coral team as they work to expose the urgent issues facing the world’s coral reefs. The documentary serves to open the public’s eyes about what is happening below the ocean’s surface and what needs to be done to preserve these essential and magnificent ecosystems.

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