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View Into The Blue® Technology Changes the Game for Subsea Video

August 4, 2017, Ocean News & TechnologyWhen the producers of "Chasing Coral," a documentary examining the impacts of climate change on ocean coral reefs, needed a way to film reef activity in real-time, they looked to View Into The Blue® to provide the technology to support the film’s vision. View Into The Blue® is a technology innovator based in Boulder, Colorado that provides subsea video and data capturing systems.

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The Innovative Underwater Production of 'Chasing Coral'

July 20, 2017, Creative Planet Network: Orlowski began considering the technology required to operate the time-lapse cameras and turned to underwater camera engineer Trevor Mendelow and his company, View Into the Blue, for a solution. View Into the Blue created an autonomous time-lapse camera system based on Panasonic's Lumix DMC-GH4 camera. The GH4s could shoot 4K still or video footage with a 12-24mm zoom lens. Zack Rago, a camera technician and coral expert at View Into the Blue, says of the time-lapse system, "It would essentially wake itself up on a preprogrammed schedule and take 30-burst shots, and then go back, to sleep. And then wake back up a couple hours later and do the same thing."

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