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Subsea Video & Data Capture


Observe any environment in real-time with high definition video using static, pan-tilt-zoom, or 360° cameras.           


Stream live data to any web-enabled device anywhere on the globe.


Minimize need for frequent maintenance, down-time, and human disruption.                                                


Power your monitoring systems with custom cabling or modular renewable energy sources.


Illuminate any environment with lightweight, compact LED lighting systems.


Collect physical data with sensor suites that measure anything from temperature to oxidative reductive potential.


From hydrophones to split-beam sonar, View Into The Blue can integrate passive and active acoustic systems.


Automate analysis with AI and ML enabled systems.

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Superb Optics & Unmatched Processing Power

Monitor in real-time using simple plug-and-play underwater camera systems with integrated GPUs. 

We offer cameras with in three configurations: static with zoom (single field of view), pan-tilt-zoom (camera moves in all directions) and 360° VR (six cameras stitched together for an immersive view). All form factors come with self-cleaning housings, and DC iris, exposure, and other manual controls.

Our camera systems offer unmatched imaging using industry leading optics and sensor technologies. We use graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration to offer power efficient supercomputing for edge artificial intelligence and complicated processing workflows.

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Live Streaming

24/7 Real-Time
Imaging & Data

Stream live, high-definition video, audio, and data from any web-enabled device at any location around the globe with View Into the Blue® streaming service packages.*

Streaming service packages can accommodate multiple camera streams, unlimited viewership, and choice features, such as live broadcasting, embedding, social sharing, logo overlay, and digital video recording.

*Available for anyone with an IP camera


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Patented CleanSweep™
Self-Cleaning Technology

CleanSweep™ eliminates organismal accumulation on camera lenses and LED ports, enhancing optical clarity and providing an uncompromised viewing experience. Further, some product lines offer housings fabricated with materials containing anti-biofouling properties.

Biofouling and sediment deposition can occur rapidly. These can lead to the disruption of monitoring ability and costly regular maintenance. Divers and ROVs can influence and alter the validity of data. The CleanSweep™ eliminates daily maintenance or cleaning and minimizes disruption to monitoring.

CleanSweep™ housing requires very little maintenance, with easy to detach and replace cleaning arms.



Power Solutions

Traditional & Alternative Energy

Power underwater camera and data capture systems using cabling from existing power sources or using our modular alternative energy packages. Whether underneath a pier or 2 kilometers offshore, our systems are adaptable to your specific power needs.


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Zero-Maintenance & Durable

View Into The Blue offers lightweight, compact, self-cleaning LED lighting systems are engineered to withstand harsh marine environments. 

Our ultra bright, deep sea rated lighting solutions are versatile and can be deployed for temporary or permanent applications. Lighting systems have dimming capabilities and a programmable lighting scheduled when paired with a camera system.










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Chemical Sensors

Sensor Integration

Monitor water quality, temperature, salinity, pH, and a variety of other aquatic and atmospheric variables in real-time. Integration of third-party sensors made easy with highly adaptable communication I/O protocols and pins.


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Acoustic Sensors

Hydroacoustic & Sonar Systems

Almost any sound emitted can be detected using a variety of instruments. View Into The Blue can integrate most split-beam and other sonar imaging instruments.

In addition, a variety of bioacoustic instruments for monitoring sound and distribution of marine organisms are available for passive acoustic monitoring.



Artificial Intelligence

Edge Intelligence

Visual and audio data are used to train AI to make decisions on the edge. System intelligence increases as time passes, and when systems are deployed in networks.


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